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GRS investment in systems raises the bar on customer service

06 June 2017

GRS Group customers will benefit from enhanced service levels following the successful go-live of the first phase of our new business system at the start of June.

Renowned for going the extra mile for customers, GRS has invested in bespoke technology and new business processes – alongside employee training – to continue to improve service across all its business lines nationwide.

The first phase of the go-live process brings numerous benefits to customers of GRS’ bulk aggregates and waste removal services. The new system will also support the growth of GRS as it expands its business in both scale and scope.

GRS CEO Jon Fisher said: “In launching our new system we’ve taken the opportunity to go above and beyond. We’ve engaged with all parts of our supply chain – customers, contractors, suppliers as well as our own people – to ask them what they want, what we can do better and what will really make us stay ahead of the game.

“We took that feedback and developed it into the specification for the bespoke system we’re now introducing. I’m convinced it’ll be the basis for GRS to exceed our customers’ expectations today and it gives us platform to make the next 20 years as successful as the past 20 years.”

The launch of the new system co-incides with the roll-out of a new GRS brand which underlines the company’s strong customer service ethos with the new strapline ‘we go beyond’.

The next phase of improvements will be introduced in the autumn. In the meantime, customers who have any queries should contact the GRS Roadstone regional sales offices:


0845 683 8713


0845 223 0444


01924 220 988


0845 017 9686


01275 394 153


0845 250 0793

Here are answers to some of the more common questions:

How will customer experience improve; why are GRS changing?
Delivering customer excellence is a key commitment of GRS and we need to update to support our growth. The key advantages of the new system are:

  • Visibility – responding quicker to queries and easily locate relevant information.
  • Standardisation – automatically generated documents will be easier to read.

How can GRS respond quicker?
GRS staff can search in several ways to quickly locate your information. We can also access supporting documents like emails so anyone can support a specific enquiry.

What will my customer/supplier number look like?
Your customer/supplier number will be shown at the top of the page, above your address. You won’t be able to choose your number, this is automatically generated by our system.

Will this affect payments?
Our ambition is to improve the speed and accuracy of our payments. You should start to see the benefits of this later in the year. At this stage, the only changes you will see are at the front end of our process, with quotes and orders.

Will my invoice change?
Not yet. Changes to your invoice will take place in the autumn. Again, we will be in touch beforehand to outline these changes in more detail.

Why do we have a separate waste/aggregate quote?
Separating the quotes makes them clearly identifiable helping us to find them quickly.

When will we get a customer portal?
We are working towards having a customer portal available, from a POD (Proof of Delivery) perspective, later this year. More areas will be incorporated in Phase 2 which will come in 2018.