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Luxury Stone & Porcelain Paving

GRS offer a wide range of porcelain, sandstone and limestone paving. Our Italian porcelain paving range, offers hand selected collections to ensure high quality, durable and unique designs. With 10 collections and 28 colours to choose from, our porcelain gives a huge amount of versatility and due to its hardwearing properties it can be laid internally or externally. With its low water absorption rate, our porcelain paving is easy to clean and provides a low maintenance product for any application.


  • Easy to clean (Resistant to algae and mould)
  • Internal/External applications
  • Designs that reflect natural materials
  • Stain Resistant properties
  • Rectified Edges, giving a consistent size with tight tolerance
  • Low slip properties

Here at GRS, we currently offer a full range of luxurious porcelain, limestone and sandstone paving products. With all preferences in style taken into account, we can be sure that the right porcelain paving can be made available for both contemporary and traditional designs. Our quality finishes are a great way to bolster the aesthetic you have either within your home or around the garden area. We also source our porcelain paving directly to ensure we can sustain a consistent level of quality in a variety of captivating textures and colours.

Taking the first steps in transforming any part of your home can be a timely affair, but we believe laying down crucial foundations can be achieved with the selection of porcelain paving which adopts the tone you want to set for any forthcoming plans. As a prominent feature behind the overall design, porcelain paving can act as the very focal point needed to establish the style you want in place.

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What are the benefits of using Porcelain Paving?

The levels of excellence in which porcelain paving exudes has to be among the many reasons to consider their installation today. We have porcelain products that come in a selection of six different ranges, and are applicable to both the exterior and interior of your home. You may also want to consider limestone products, which offers a stunning patio pack for general outdoor use. On the other hand, our range for sandstone solutions is the best route to take for a sophisticated, hand-cut finish.

It’s imperative that we make shrewd long-term investments when improving our homes, and this is something that can be handed to you by porcelain paving right away. Their strong and resistant construct means they have the capacity to endure long and prosperous life spans intact, maintaining the same quality look from the very first day they were laid down. If you would like to get more information provided for any of our products, then get in contact with us today.




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