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Building Products
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Decorative Gravel & Chippings

We pride ourselves on being the leading independent supplier for decorative gravel, specialist decorative aggregates and chippings nationwide. With a broad range of colours, sizes and general types available, GRS can supply anyone with exceptionally versatile products that can be used for a wide selection of applications.

If you are looking to bring the outside area of your home to life, you can use Chippings, pebbles or decorative gravel for driveways, and areas used for either dressing or Planting, creating a stunning visual impact, and also capable of enduring the rigorous nature of gardens and building projects.

What are the benefits for Decorative Gravel?

Installing decorative gravel can prove to be highly beneficial to people who want to keep an easily maintainable space. Our products won’t require any watering albeit adding water enhances the products natural vibrant colours. As a country that is well versed to all sorts of weather conditions, decorative gravel will also be able to resist both intense chills and souring heats throughout the year.

Should you be interested in decorative gravel or any other products currently on offer here at GRS, you can always get in contact with our team to learn more about their benefits and how to get hold of them.


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