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GRS Soil Solutions

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GRS Soil Solutions helps you to understand your waste, offering you the right treatment and disposal options, improving circularity, minimising risk and reducing costs.

Every year the UK generates more than 100 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste. Half of that is waste soils, commonly known as ‘muck away’. Only a fraction of that material – less than 1% – will be classified as hazardous requiring specialist treatment or landfill. With the application of knowledge, optimum value can be achieved, resulting in saved money, saved energy and reduced waste.

Reduce risk ✓
Reduce waste ✓
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Assessment & Classification

Pricing the waste element of any construction job can be complex and time-consuming. Site investigations can run into hundreds of pages – and thousands of pounds – and oſt en there are several for the same site. With the cost of a muck shift accounting for a large part of any project bid, it’s vital to classify waste accurately and make potential savings. That’s where GRS Soil Solutions comes in – with decades of experience in the waste industry, our dedicated team can sample, assess and classify material so you can make the right decision about how to deal with it. Not only does this service save you time and money, but it keeps you compliant, reduces your exposure to risk, and ensures you do the right thing.

Removal & Disposal

Whether you need to dispose of recyclable demolition waste or complex hazardous soils, GRS Soil Solutions will give you the most cost-effective and sustainable option. Depending on the classification of your waste, GRS is committed to offering recovery, recycling or treatment options, always taking into account the waste hierarchy. The GRS Soil Solutions team’s knowledge of waste management facilities nationwide is second-to-none, with over 300 individual sites audited and approved. Whatever and wherever your waste, we have a solution. In all cases, at the forefront of our mind is sustainability – if we can find a sustainable way to reuse or reprocess your material we will – and this can oſt en be more cost effective too! Landfill is always the last resort.

Duty of Care & Compliance

Anyone who generates, handles, transports, treats or disposes of waste must take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with all current legislative requirements set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This can be a real minefield for any contractor – the environmental, commercial and legal ramifications of any non-conformance can be severe. So, let GRS Soil Solutions ease the pressure and help eliminate the risks. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to protect your interests to ensure compliance. Since everyone in the supply chain must ensure ‘duty of care’ requirements are met, with GRS Soil Solutions you can be sure that you have fulfilled your responsibilities. The risk of non-compliance isn’t worth it!

Soil Testing & Reporting

Does the information you’ve got allow you to classify the waste? Is the existing analysis enough to satisfy the Government’s Technical Guidance WM3? Do you need Air-Dried Analysis or a WAC Test? If you have asbestos is it quantified? Is there any chemical analysis? We come across these types of issues every day. Initial site investigations are oſten just that – investigatory. They are done long before an excavator bucket goes into the ground and they rarely give a complete picture of what’s actually beneath the surface. That’s why specific, targeted testing of sites in advance of development can oſt en save fortunes on any bid - or on the muck shift itself if required. GRS Soil Solutions has a wealth of first-hand sampling and reporting experience proven to help customers win tenders, save money and remain compliant. We offer this service nationwide, using UKAS accredited laboratories and can provide online classification data within our comprehensive reports. Contact us to find out more.

Whatever and wherever your waste, we have a solution.


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