Our GRS Values

Here at GRS we're proud of our long-standing reputation for the positive way we work with our customers, suppliers and others. This is captured in our company tagline "We Go Beyond".

Yet to really capture the essence of what GRS is all about we wanted to go further so we set about defining our core values which run through our business like words through a stick of rock:

CARING. People are at the heart of everything we do. We all look out for one another, and in doing so help to create a happy, rewarding, safe and healthy workplace. Everyone is included, respected and valued.

INSPIRING. Together we contribute to something exceptional, building strong working relationships to achieve common goals. We inspire and challenge each other to go beyond, showing leadership, responsibility and trust.

DEVELOPING. We nurture the strengths of every person so they can do their best. We create opportunities for learning and development, supporting everyone to achieve their goals and realise their ambitions.

CAN-DO. We work with positivity, passion and flair, seeing obstacles as challenges to overcome. We’re agile enough to adapt when things change, yet determined enough to go beyond to make things happen.

EXCELLING. We’re continually improving to ensure we’re number one in our chosen markets, in customer service and in people development. Each person contributes to, and shares in, our undisputed success. 

We hope you experience these values first-hand and we'd love to hear your feedback!